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IKEA Today is an opportunity to get behind the scenes at IKEA product development and experience what we are working on and how we make it happen through Democratic Design.

What is going on right now?
It started with rough sketches based on what kind of solutions people wanted for their balconies and other small outdoor spaces. This was the beginning of the co-created trellis bench SVANÖ – and for the very first time the public were invited to work with the prototype.

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Welcome to IKEA Today

Breathe in, and breathe out – when does your clean air expire?

Okay, maybe your clean air will not run out today, but air pollution is in fact one of the biggest health risks globally. In recent research IKEA found that the general preconception is that air pollution happens outside, rather than inside. But according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) pollution in some parts of the world is five times higher inside than outside. It’s a big problem but here’s the good news, you can be a part of the solution.