Cork featured in SINNERLIG

The use of cork is one of the striking features of the SINNERLIG collection. “Cork is a fantastic material in so many ways,” says Jan Ahlsén, who is a specialist in natural materials at IKEA of Sweden. “It’s a renewable and natural material that is heat resistant, lightweight, and dirt and stain repellent. The downside is that it is fairly expensive. To make furniture accessible to as many as possible, we always have to consider the price, which is why we’ve used a cork veneer for the dining table. This means that the table has the feeling of cork, yet the price is lower than if we used solid cork.”

The question that Jan gets most frequently about cork is if it actually withstands spills like wine and coffee. And indeed it does. Cork is naturally water repellent, but to make sure it stands up to the normal mishaps of daily life, the surface of the table is treated with natural wax.