The art of good sound

Is it a speaker? Or is it an art piece? In fact, it’s both. Meet the designers of the all new SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker – the latest addition to the family of products created through the collaboration between Sonos and IKEA.

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Welcome behind the scenes at IKEA product development

A man inspecting technical equipment connected to hoses and pipes, with a white-tiled wall in the background.

Tobias on innovating showers to make a difference

Nearly one-third of the world’s population may face water shortages by 2025. In a household, it’s showering that consumes the most water – about 40 per cent. Hence, IKEA is innovating around water-saving solutions. The latest is a water recycling shower solution, which has just been through the first round of home tests. For Tobias Svanberg, Development Leader at IKEA, this is an important step to enable customers to make a big difference in their water use at home.