How smart is your home, Bilgi?

One day our homes will be so  smart  we will not call them  smart  homes anymore, just homes. At least that is what Bilgi, who works with User Experience at IKEA, predicts.  We talked to him about Inclusive Design, roller coasters and how  smart  his own home really is. 

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Welcome behind the scenes at IKEA product development

Bringing food that’s good for you and the planet

It might seem like a Herculean task for us as individuals to change an energy grid from running on coal or stop the continuous use of fossil-based fuels. But we all can take small steps. Do you know a small tweak in the food we eat can help us and our environment stay healthy and sustainable? With the new food commitments, IKEA intends to do just that and bring more offerings to customers that are nutritious and tasty as always.