Building up to Indaba

IKEA is not only in Cape Town to take part in The Design Indaba Conference but it’s also in Cape Town to get down to work.

IKEA is always looking for new perspectives and new inspiration. Now, this ambition is bringing together a group of African designers and in-house IKEA designers in a fantastic design collaboration. Together, IKEA wants to show the world a more contemporary and diverse picture of Africa.

As a Swedish company from the exotic little town of Älmhult, IKEA is excited to be part of the creative revolution in Africa. All designers taking part in the collaboration will meet during Design Indaba to continue work on a new collection. They met for the first time this fall, in Älmhult. 

In Cape Town, the public work sessions will be held in a custom-built modular house, which is also one of the projects that being developed by two of the designers. Read more about it here.

The collection they are working on is inspired by everyday home rituals. It also has a sub-theme that we call Everyone is a designer. We don’t know what the finished products will look like, we just know that they will be amazing.

Taking part in the IKEA collaboration is Selly Raby Kane, who is also the art director for the Design Indaba conference. See the entire program for the three-day conference here.

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Men standing on low ladders, tending to a wood construction supporting a corrugated tin roof.
A work-in-progress. The IKEA Pavilion is almost ready.