High quality, handmade and inspired by nature

Tanya König met the team behind the new STOCKHOLM collection – a cohesive collection with many hand-made elements and filled with inspiration from nature.

Hanna Dalrot, who designed the patterns and textiles for the collection, talks about her intention of bringing nature into to the homes of IKEA customers. Nike Karlsson talks about the quality and potential of working with rattan, the material which he used to design an armchair.

Gunnel Sahlin, inspired by the versatility and craftsmanship of working with glass, talks about how she wants customers to be able to sense the person who put the finishing touches on the product. And Ola Wihlborg, who worked with the comfort in the collection, in other words, the sofa, talked about how he designed it with his own family in mind.

We have followed the development of this collection for some time. See the sketches, prototypes and images from the factory floor here.