IKEA to explore life out of home and joins music festival Boston Calling

IKEA is curious to meet and interact with people in places where they enjoy themselves and socialize. Because everyday life happens beyond the four walls of a residence and we want to learn more about that. That is why IKEA is joining the music festival Boston Calling 25th – 27th of May. To bring great music and food to the Boston people!

IKEA is currently exploring music and sound in the everyday life of people and is curious to learn more as well as share some prototypes from the upcoming party collection FREKVENS, made in collaboration with teenage engineering. But there is no party without music. In the IKEA Music Lab featuring R&B and hip hop artists, teenage engineering, Cherrie, Jaqe and Sammy & Johnny Bennett together with the DJ’s DJ FINEST and TRANS94, the party will get going. Prototypes from the coming party collection FREKVENS will be at display so please share your thoughts around the collection, the music and party.

Festival and food is something that goes hand in hand. At Boston Calling IKEA Food will serve food that is not only delicious but also good for both people and the planet bringing the new IKEA veggie dog to the US for the first time. The veggie dog will be launched at IKEA in August 2018.

If you are in Boston, make sure to stop by the IKEA Festival!