IKEA and UNYQ join forces in New York

How can we improve accessibility in the home? Could customized solutions be mass-produced and still fit anyone’s unique needs? Together with UNYQ, a world leader in the fields of 3D printing and photometry, IKEA will explore new ways to develop better functionality at home at an upcoming event in New York this week.

We know that every human being is unique. But what we often forget is that our bodies, too, are individuals with individual needs. That’s why IKEA is looking into how to develop custom-made furniture, made for the many but addressing the needs of each individual. To help us out with this task, we’ve teamed up with UNYQ, a world leader in the fields of 3D printing and photometry, known for their work in customized prostheses and exoskeletons. As a part of this journey, the two companies will be developing a new range of products aimed specifically at gamers, a forgotten group of people from a life-at-home perspective and a functional perspective. There are around 2 billion gamers in the world – but despite the popularity of gaming, the physical environment surrounding it has not been addressed from a home furnishing perspective. By collaborating with UNYQ, IKEA hopes to improve the gaming experience and, in the process, develop new ergonomic solutions for a wider group of consumers.

The first step towards this goal is an event in New York on 12–14 October, where we seek out inspiration from the real experts: people with disabilities who have learned to cope with day-to-day challenges in their everyday lives. Experts from UNYQ and IKEA will join Open Style Lab and Two Blind Brothers, both acclaimed for their work within inclusive fashion, to collaborate on a series of good looking and functional solutions for the home. The public will be able to meet and listen to professionals from the fields of furniture design, medtech, wearables and clothing. The aim of the event is to learn more about accessibility in the home and, ultimately, find out whether customized solutions could be mass-produced and still fit people’s unique needs. You’ll also be able to experience an exhibition of customizable home solutions developed with one single insight in mind: one size does not fit all.

What: An event and exhibition dealing with customizable home solutions. Experts from IKEA, UNYQ, Open Style Lab and Two Blind Brothers will be present.

When: 12–14 October, 2018

Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave, New York, NY

Metro: 14 St / 8 Av